Requests for Proposals

Please see requests for proposals for CTPP Briefs.

RFP Brief 1: the Evolving Nature of Work

RFP Brief 2: Understanding geographic and demographic variation in mode use

RFP Brief 3: Vehicle Availability Patterns and Trends including Commuting Trends for Zero Vehicle Households

Proposers should submit a proposal with a 5-page maximum describing the proposed treatment of the subject matter (an abstract) including an approach to analysis (expected sources) and discussion of the problem. Additional space may be used for qualifications, references, and information on other relevant work.

Final briefs should be suitable for further distillation into an infographic.

All completed briefs will be housed on the internet; therefore, a web-enabled product is required.

The winning proposal will be awarded $20,000 to produce the individual brief. Proposers may propose on more than one brief.

Proposals are due by February 22, 2019, to the attention of Penelope Weinberger at by email as an MS Word or PDF attachment.