AASHTO Board of Directors

AASHTO Liaison
Jim Tymon, Executive Director

Charge Statement

The Board of Directors shall be the policy-making and oversight body of the association.  It shall be concerned with such matters as official positions on legislative and federal policy proposals; the development of official policy statements; membership dues; adoption of the association strategic plan; changes in the Association’s Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, and operating policy; the establishment of forums, councils, special committees, and committees, based on the recommendation of the Strategic Management Committee; and all other policy matters pertaining to the operation or activities of the association.  In acting on such matters, each voting director from a member department shall have a single vote.

The AASHTO Board of Directors membership shall consist of the duly constituted head or other chief directing official designated to serve as a director by each member department. The U.S. Department of Transportation shall be allowed to appoint one non-voting, ex officio member to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall also include the AASHTO Executive Director as an ex officio, non-voting member.

Reporting Committees