Introducing the AASHTO Leadership Development Series

Discover. Engage. Connect. Refresh. Lead.

AASHTO has a long and rich history of providing leadership and management training to its members. While honoring this successful legacy, it is prudent to reflect, refresh, and adapt to a changing world.

We’ve taken our popular management and leadership training programs and placed them under one umbrella: the AASHTO Leadership Development Series.  The series is meant to build sequentially as building blocks for lifelong learning, but each institute can also stand on its own.

When you see the AASHTO Leadership Development Series logo, you will know that the course meets AASHTO’s standards for quality, professionalism, and content-relevant training for those working in the field of transportation, regardless of where they are in their career.

Participants at all three Institutes will engage in active learning; connect with colleagues from across the country; discover more about themselves; and leave rejuvenated and ready to lead.

All three Institutes are built on four pillars that form the foundation for the curriculum:

Pillar Objectives
Managing Work Practical strategies for planning and directing work to accomplish organizational goals.
Developing Self Gain a deeper self-understanding to grow personally and professionally and to bring out the best in others.
Leading Others Examine leadership principles, strategies, and practices. Inspire, motivate, and enable employees and organizations to excel.
Understanding Transportation Build an understanding of issues, resources, and relationships for effective transportation leadership and advocacy.

AASHTO Management Institutes (AMI)

The AASHTO Management Institutes (formerly National Transportation Management Conferences) take place on average five times a year at various locations around the United States. This training offers content geared to providing DOT supervisors, managers, and leaders with the crucial competencies and resources needed to simplify and perform their critically important roles.

Throughout the four-day training, participants are introduced to the tools, techniques and best practices required to effectively manage people and projects. For more experienced managers, the training updates and refines existing skills, challenges current thinking, introduces new concepts, and explores changing employee and customer relationships. The training also allows participants to share experiences – difficulties and successes that impact transportation managers – as they learn from one another in the interactive exercises throughout the week.

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Questions about AMI? Contact Karen Crawford,, 850-224-7775

AASHTO Leadership Institute (ALI)

The AASHTO Leadership Institute (formerly National Transportation Leadership Institute) is a nine-day immersive professional development experience held on the University of Kansas campus in the heart of Lawrence, Kansas. ALI provides research-driven, professional instruction supplemented by guest lectures from experts on the KU faculty and transportation professionals.

Participants will focus on self-discovery and learn practical management techniques. Over the course of the nine-day Institute, participants will also build their leadership skills and knowledge, learning to motivate and enable employees so their organizations can excel, and develop a greater understanding of transportation issues and resources, through engagement with national transportation leaders.

The content will be provided in a rich, experiential way. Participants can expect hands-on instruction, engaging discussions, and the opportunity to learn by doing.

ALI is designed to meet the needs of mid-to-high level managers considered high potential employees by their organizations. Candidates who attend ALI should be in a management position or hold a position with organization-wide impact. Participants should be motivated to develop their managerial and leadership skills, be interested in self-exploration, and be prepared to engage in learning activities and group discussions.

ALI will take place Thursday, August 5 to Saturday, August 14 in Lawrence, Kansas.

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Questions about ALI? Contact Deb Miller,, 785-864-6864

AASHTO Executive Institute (AEI)

The AASHTO Executive Institute (formerly National Transportation Advanced Leadership Institute) offers a unique senior executive management experience October 4 – 7, 2021 in Washington, D.C. The course content will focus on issues that match the needs of senior leadership and executive responsibilities and will provide participants with the space to discuss their own challenges with peers.  Participants will be exposed to emerging transportation policies and will discuss critical transportation issues with seasoned transportation leaders.  The emphasis at AEI will be growing the participants’ knowledge and awareness for national transportation issues and trends along with building and developing relationships with peers, as well as with contacts at the Administration, Congressional, and industry level. Successful transportation leadership and management skills will be reinforced for these top-level executives. Eligible participants should be senior transportation leaders or executives interested in expanding their leadership skills and becoming more effective transportation advocates.

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Questions about AEI? Contact Deb Miller,, 785-864-6864

Covid-19 Considerations

The KU Public Management Center, alongside AASHTO and our training partners, are actively monitoring the incidence of COVID-19 in our 2021 training locations. We are following guidance from state and local health departments and the CDC regarding in-person gatherings and preventing the spread of COVID-19. The safety of our participants, instructors and staff are our top priority and we will stay apprised of current best practices and modify plans as needed.