​​AASHTO Executive Committee


President:  Paul Trombino, Iowa Department of Transportation
Vice President:  David Bernhardt, Maine Department of Transportation
Secretary/Treasurer:  Carlos Braceras, Utah Department of Transportation
Immediate Past President:

Regional Representatives

Leslie Richards, Northeast Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Pete Rahn, Northeast Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
Secretary, Maryland Department of Transportation
Charlie Kilpatrick, Southern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
Commissioner, Virginia Department of Transportation
Paul Mattox, Southern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials​
Secretary, West Virginia Department of Transportation
Charles Zelle, Mid-America Association of State Transportation Officials
Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Randall S. Blankenhorn, Mid-America Association of Transportation
​​​​​​REGION IV (​WASH​​​​TO)
Brian W. Ness, Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
Director, Idaho Department of Transportation
Carlos Braceras, Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Executive Director, Utah Department of Transportation

Non-Voting Members

Executive Director:  Bud Wright, AASHTO

Charge Statement

There shall be an Executive Committee composed of the following voting members:

  1. The President;
  2. The Vice President;
  3. The Secretary-Treasurer;
  4. The eight Regional Representatives and
  5. The immediate Past-President so long as that person occupies the same position in his or her Member Department as during that person’s tenure as President, or a position as chief engineer or higher.

The Executive Committee also shall include the AASHTO Executive Director as an ex officio nonvoting member:

If personally unable to attend a meeting of the Executive Committee, any voting member other than an officer may designate as an alternate a Chief Executive Officer from his or her AASHTO Region.

The Executive Committee shall have the following prescribed responsibilities, which shall be executed within such policies and instructions as may be determined by a majority vote by Member Departments and the Board of Directors:

  1. Preparation and adoption of the Association's annual budget, in accordance with procedures which it shall establish and in keeping with the Association's dues structure as established by the Board of Directors; adopt the Association's annual work program; and consider and act upon related financial management decisions for the Association;
  2. Employment of the Executive Director, with confirmation by the Board of Directors, and establishing his or her compensation;
  3. Establishment of an employee pension plan for employees of the Association, including establishment and monitoring of a pension trustee committee;
  4. Confirmation of the AASHTO President's appointments;
  5. Selection of the Association's annual meeting site;
  6. Handling of membership issues, including consideration and approval of applications for Associate membership;
  7. General management of the business of the Association, including such matters as authorizing contracts, conducting audits, receiving and reviewing financial reports, establishing administrative procedures, and establishing general conditions of employment; and
  8. When necessary between meetings of the Board of Directors, deciding matters of policy on behalf of the Association, after the President first determines that it is not feasible because of time constraints to submit the matter for a decision by the Board of Directors, utilizing the most efficient communication capabilities available to the association; in such instances the President and Executive Director shall be responsible for informing the Board of Directors of decisions made as expeditiously as possible. When it is not feasible because of time constraints to submit the matter for a decision by the Executive Committee, the President shall decide matters of policy on behalf of the organization, utilizing input from the Executive Committee to the best extent possible and ensuring that such decisions are consistent with AASHTO’s general transportation principles and related policies.

In such cases the President and Executive Director shall be responsible for informing the Executive Committee and Board of Directors as promptly as possible of the actions taken.

The President shall have the power to fill any vacancies in the Executive Committee, or in any elective office other than that of the President, subject to approval of the Executive Committee. Any such appointment so made shall expire at the close of the next annual meeting. In the event of a vacancy in a term extending beyond the annual meeting, such vacancy for the balance of the unexpired term shall be filled by election at the annual meeting, or in the instance of a Regional Representative by the Chief Executive Officers of that Region at a meeting to which they have all been invited.

The President, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, shall appoint the Chairs and the vice Chairs of all Standing Committees, Subcommittees, Select and Special Committees established in conformity with the bylaws; their terms of office shall be for a two-calendar-year period, which terminates at the end of the first Association annual meeting after their term has lapsed. Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs may be appointed to succeed themselves for another two-year term. The President is authorized to appoint the other members of such committees as determined by the Board of Directors. Under authorization from the Board of Directors, or the Executive Committee, as appropriate, the President shall appoint such temporary committees as may be deemed necessary from time to time for the conduct of the business of the Association.

The majority of the voting members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for that committee to transact business. Eight affirmative votes are required for approval of the budget. The Executive Committee shall meet during the Association Annual Meeting. The Executive Committee shall meet at the Association’s Spring Meeting, during which a budget for the next Association fiscal year shall be considered and adopted, and other necessary business of the Association conducted. The Executive Committee shall also meet at the call of the President, or on a call signed by six voting members of the committee. The President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and the Executive Director shall serve as Pension Plan Trustees and shall report to the Executive Committee to assure sound management of the plan.

Regional Representatives

There shall be two Regional Representative on the Executive Committee from each region of the Association. Each Regional Representative shall be a Chief Executive Officer of a Member Department, and shall be elected for a two-year term by the Member Departments of the respective regions at an annual meeting of the Association or at a meeting of the Chief Executive Officers of a region to which they have all been invited. The two Regional Representatives from each region shall serve staggered two-year terms, and to establish this, one of the Regional Representatives from each region first elected under this provision shall be elected to a one-year term. Neither the Regional Representatives nor their Member Departments shall be eligible for immediately successive terms, except for the Regional Representatives first elected under this provision to a one-year term, who shall be eligible for an immediately successive two-year term. The Regional Representatives shall take office at the close of an annual meeting, unless provided otherwise by the Board of Directors.

The regions from which the Regional Representatives are to be elected are the following:

Region I (NASTO)
Composed of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the District of Columbia.
Region II (SASHTO)
Composed of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.
Composed of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.
​Region IV (W​ASHTO)
Composed of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

AASHTO Staff Liaison

Bud Wright, Executive Director

Reporting Committees​

Special Committee on Software Systems (Financial and Administrative Only - See the Board of Directors)